5 wonders to have a young and beautiful skin

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Looking young and beautiful skin has always been one of the most challenging goals today for those who seek health and eternal youth, thanks to scientific studies and analysis of food and beverages, valuable components have been found that help control oxidative stress associated with skin aging and pigmentation disorders, such is the case of the Resveratrol component [1] present in some beverages and foods.

New researches suggested that Resveratrol contained in some beverages and foods potentially useful as anti-aging and skin lightening agents [2].

Resveratrol is a polyphenol compound found in many edible plants such as Vitis vinifera whose fruit is the Grape, recent clinical studies have supported the efficacy of Resveratrol in lightening and anti-aging of human skin, as well as other wonderful health benefits but we will focus on the advantages to clarify and beautify your skin, this component allows to clarify and give youth to your skin thanks to its inhibitory effect on the aging process, by controlling Tyrosinase [2] which is capable of converting tyrosine into melanin, which can cause hyperpigmentation in the skin.

red wine, red and purple grape juice, blackberry juice, peanuts

Here is a list of the 5 wonders that contain Resveratrol and will help you to brighten and have a young and beautiful skin.

Red wine

Red Wine has been indicated to contain more amounts of Resveratrol than white wine [3][4], it also has cardioprotective effects and is a good chemopreventive agent for skin cancer. Taking a glass of wine would be beneficial for your skin and your health in general, due to the other beneficial health effects such as anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action.

Red Grape Skin Juice

The skin of red grapes [4], but not its pulp, has considerable amounts of resveratrol that can be used, some people take the pulp of the grape before eating it, now you know that you can make a delicious juice that will help you rejuvenate and give beauty to your skin, you can add the pulp to give it flavor, however, to take full advantage of the Resveratrol, you must make the juice only with the red grape shells.

Purple Grape Juice

The Purple Grape Juice also serves to give beauty and health to your skin, taking advantage of the properties of Resveratrol, making a delicious Purple Grape juice and consuming it for breakfast or lunch is a healthy habit for the health of your skin. Anthocyanins, and other chemical pigments that purple grapes possess, are responsible for the different shades of violet in red wines [5].

Blackberry Juice

Blackberries are other wonders that we can consume to give our skin loveliness and health due to its Resveratrol content, additionally blackberries have mineral salts and vitamins, low in carbohydrates and rich in vitamin C in greater quantities than some citrus fruits, they contain carotenoids and anthocyanin which has antioxidant capacity to protect skin cells against oxidative aging and inflammation [6].

Peanut Seed (peanut, caguate, peanut)

Peanuts, rich in vitamins and minerals and large amounts of protein [7], also contain Resveratrol, but in less quantity than the previous ones, you can include this wonder of nature in your diet to help you have a young and beautiful skin.

In short, as you realized, you have 5 varieties of foods that you can add to your daily diet and help contribute to having beautiful, healthy and radiant skin, that is why it is important to identify the benefits of the foods we consume daily and take advantage of it. of each of them for our health and well-being.

There are other options for consuming Resveratrol to beautify, give youth and health to your skin, through Resveratrol in commercial use pills that you can find in health food stores and some pharmacies.

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