How to make face beautiful and attractive using cucumber benefits

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Sliced ​​cucumber and its leaf in the background The cucumber also called (Cucumis sativus L.), belongs to the family of cucurbits, like pumpkins and melons. Used in traditional medicine since ancient times. It should be noted that cucumber is very rich in water and low in calories with an antioxidant potential. The cucumber, it contains a fresh and cleansing action that is used to nourish the skin. (See Ref. N ° 1)

The cucumber is composed of 97% approx. of water, with nutrients and beneficial effects. It is a skin moisturizer, also composed of its vitamins B and C; and thanks to this it is used in various masks and products to hydrate and whiten the skin. (See Ref. N ° 2)

The Cucumber 

Cucumber is a very common ingredient in Mediterranean salads including the gherkin as an aperitif for its pickle in vinegar for packaging and preservation. It is harvested before its full maturation in summer. Cucumber contains essence, vitamin C, amino acids, cellulose, mucilages. In the medical field it is indicated for cystitis, oliguria. (See Ref. N° 2).

Cucumber on Face Benefits

Cucumber, in addition to its cooling effect on the skin and its culinary uses, has the power to relax and relieve the pain of sunburn. The cucumber on the face, serves as a tonic, hemostatic and very useful in the thermopleh, etc. It should be noted that the seeds of the cucumber have refreshing effects on our body and are used to prevent constipation.  (See Ref. N° 1).

Cucumber Properties

Cucumber is an important vegetable crop in the world. On the other hand, cucumber juice has characteristics of rich raw material resources, simple production process, rich nutrition, high food value, significant therapeutic effect and without food additives, cucumber is suitable for all ages, meets the requirements Of consumers and also has the function of biological health. (See Ref. N° 3 and 4)

Benefits of applying Cucumber on face

The cucumber is a well-known vegetable in the cosmetic world. Thanks to its refreshing properties, the cucumber on the face will help you to rejuvenate the skin, reduce excess hydrate fat, deflave, moisturize and detoxify, so that you can light a young face.

Cucumber slices seen from above and their properties to the side

Cucumber Extract

Topical application of magnesium is another conventional form of magnesium delivery for treating skin conditions and muscle inflammation. Cucumber extract is known for human skin. It has been used extensively in various lines of skin care products due to. The final fermented cucumber extract contains magnesium in the form of organic acid salts, which have high capacity and bioavailability. The product is a powerful ingredient to produce dermal magnesium products.

Vitamins and Cucumber components

Cucumber is rich in vitamins due to its natural composition. Hydrates and protects the skin: Cucumber is made up of 97% water which is significantly hydrating. In addition, it contains vitamins E. Delays aging: Cucumber contains antioxidants that delay aging. It has a composition of vitamins A and C that help to produce collagen and elastin which delay the appearance of wrinkles. Deflates the skin: Cucumber is ideal to reduce inflammation and reduce dark circles that form on that part of the face.

How to make Cucumber cottons?

You will need:

  • A Fresh and Big Cucumber.
  • Some cottons of your preference.


  1. You must peel the cucumber, cut it into pieces and do not forget to remove the seeds.
  2. We blend with a little water.
  3. Pour the mixture into a strainer. (To take advantage of all its nutrients, it is recommended to squeeze the mixture with a clean cloth).
  4. Then in a bag, put the cottons together with the mixture.
  5. These cottons can be refrigerated for ten days maximum.

How to use the Cucumber cottons?

  1. Apply the mixture all over the face and leave for 15 minutes.
  2. Then you can easily rinse with water.
  3. It is recommended to use 3 times a weeks.

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