Convert from Algerian Dinars to Icelandic Kronas


Convert from DZD to ISK and the flag that identifies the Algerian Dinars and the flag that identifies the Icelandic Kronas Converting from Algerian Dinars (دج) into Icelandic Kronas (kr) is very simple, you just have to multiply your amount in Algerian Dinars by 1.00603466 kr/دج, this means that 1.00603466 Icelandic Kronas is equivalent to one Algerian Dinar. Enter the amount you want to convert in the first box and you will get the equivalent amount in Icelandic Kronas. Additionally you can make conversions of other currencies if you like.

DZD to ISK: Currency Converter

You can use comma or point to separate the decimals of the amount, it is the same for the system.

Flag representing Change
Note: In the result, the commas separate the thousands and the point separates the decimals.

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