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Juicing celery benefits and glass of juice beside celery branches

Benefits of juicing celery

The benefits of Juicing Celery are great for health, they include both benefits for the skin and benefits for the heart and brain functions, Juicing C...

AUGUST 9, 2021 by Jeancarlos 2.4K
Woman drinking Potable water obtained with homemade treatment

Stages of treatment to obtain potable water at home

Potable water is the most important renewable resource in the world, people need Potable water at home to drink and hydrate, cook food and personal hy...

AUGUST 7, 2021 by Jeancarlos 2.4K
Girl washing her hands correctly and efficiently using soap

How to wash your hands correctly and efficiently using soap?

Washing your hands has never been more important than now, due to the arrival of extremely malignant viruses for our health and well-being that are at...

AUGUST 7, 2021 by Jeancarlos 1.7K
Cause of Gastritis, Excess of pills and Helicobacter pylori

Gastritis, all you need to know

Gastritis is a chronic or acute disease that can become a major problem if it is not treated in time with serious damage to the stomach and therefore ...

JULY 31, 2021 by Jeancarlos 2.6K
Healthy avocado cut in a half with the seed exposed

10 reasons why the avocado is good for you

The avocado, also called Palta, is a delicious berry type fruit with wonderful benefits, it is native to Mexico and Guatemala [1], there is evidence t...

JULY 16, 2021 by Lisandris 1.6K
Cup of tea lose weight and camellia sinensis flowers around

What tea is good for losing weight?

The best tea to lose weight is the one that provides the best properties that help the body to stay healthy, nutritious, balanced and very important t...

JULY 7, 2021 by Jeancarlos 2.1K
Juicing guava tool and a glass of guava nectar

Juicing guava: how to start juicing guava?

The Juicing Guava is the process to get the one of the healthiest and delicious Juice, the Juicing Guava process is native to Mexico, Central America,...

JUNE 28, 2021 by Jeancarlos 3.4K
cup of peppermint tea with mint leaves

Peppermint tea benefits: what is it good for?

Peppermint tea is one of the most widely consumed single ingredient herbal teas that is mainly propagated in the temperate and sub-temperate zones of ...

JUNE 17, 2021 by Lisandris 1.8K
Group of 9 miraculous medicinal plants

9 miraculous medicinal plants and their healthy uses

In nature we can find numerous miraculous medicinal plants with properties and health benefits, as well as properties in our most succulent food dishe...

JUNE 8, 2021 by Jeancarlos 7.5K
Two whole Guava Fruits, other cut in half and Guava leaves

Benefits of guava fruit and leaf for health

Guava Fruit scientifically called Psidium guajava L (Myrtaceae), this edible fruit belongs to the genus of tropical trees and to the Myrtaceae family ...

JUNE 2, 2021 by Lisandris 2.1K

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